Dance Of The Last Rhino

As South Africans we feel a deep seated responsibility for the survival of the rhino and as numbers steadily decline we are motivated to try and contribute something to the campaign of awareness and resistance to the process. Our great friends Eugene and Gertie Viljoen came to us with a project to advertise and mobilize in aid of Save the Rhino through music and social media. Eugene is a talented musician and guitarist and currently writes and performs his own and cover songs. (Zeeroover, Zwarte Piet Band, ) He was intrigued and challenged by a song written by a British musician, Jon Gomm, who wrote the song Dance of the Last Rhino, inspired by rhinos after a visit to Africa .Jon has a prodigious musical talent and a particular guitar style which combines percussive and acoustic techniques. Eugene set himself to master these techniques and produce his own cover version which he asked us to film and produce.

"I originally wrote this tune specially for playing in South Africa," Gomm said. "South Africans are the human race's custodians of some of the most magnificent, yet vulnerable treasures of the natural world. They didn't ask for this responsibility, but they bear it with strength and patience. It’s almost unbelievable that in 2014 the rhino is in danger of being hunted to extinction, so people around the world can buy rhino horn to “cure” their baldness or impotence. Just because a wizened old sage is prescribing grated rhino horn (at $5,000 a gram) that doesn't mean it works.

In fact, it's made of keratin and so you could get exactly the same medical benefits for free, just by eating your own hair. But 'Dance of the Last Rhino' isn't a sad, mournful piece. It's a war dance. The rhino is a noble, warrior-like animal, and they won't go out without a fight. It starts with the rhino scraping it's massive hooves in the dirt, preparing to charge."

Jon has donated 10% of the proceeds of sale of the track to Save the Rhino.

Please watch and enjoy, like and share Eugenes version of the Dance of the Last Rhino and keep hope alive.

Performance Eugene Viljoen (Amazing!) See more at
Song dance of the last Rhino by Jon Gomm (Double amazing!) See more at
Visuals Dudley and Christine Kelbe ( Including some fabulous footage taken by Gertie Viljoen)
Production Dudley Kelbe (Very stressful!)

The Last Rhino

“I am the voice for the voiceless;
through me the dumb shall speak.
Till the deaf world’s ears be made to hear
the wrongs of the wordless weak.
I am my brother’s keeper
and I will fight his fights
and speak the words for beast and bird,
till the world shall set things right.”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox



ROOT is the brain child of 4 friends, ourselves and 2 inspirational musicians, Eugene Viljoen and Corrie Pretorius, and it is an acronym for Running Out Of Time. The whole idea grew from the Dance of the Last Rhino video. When we were researching the situation around the rhino poaching crisis for the video it became apparent that this was the tip of the iceberg as far as the conservation threats to the animals of Africa. We could see that the animals, and ecosystems, we all loved were under a threat much more imminent than we suspected most people appreciated. We wanted to make a positive contribution to awareness, and to document and share the beauty we are so passionate about.

Using our established enthusiasms, Eugene and Corrie wrote original music inspired by some of the iconic animals of Africa, and asked us to illustrate this with text and pictures, in a joint project to raise awareness. We called this UNDER THE MARULA TREE and this became our first product under the ROOT umbrella. After many hours of blood, sweat and tears, many wrong turns, and U turns, Under the Marula Tree is in the final stages of production and will be launched in the first half of this year, God willing!

Watch this space for more news.