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Fish River Canyon

Any journey through southern Namibia must include a visit to the famous Fish River Canyon. As unlikely as it seems we have never done so before and so found ourselves driving through rocky sandy canyons and pebble strewn hills to the national park camp at Hobas. There are again a lot of antelope to be seen and for the first time the mountain zebra. Their camouflage is fantastic and they are so nimble on the rocks they were gone as quickly as we spotted them.

Fish River Canyon-

The camp is under black ebony trees and very well appointed. . There is a 10 km drive to the lookout over the canyon at Hells corner. The vistas as expected are spectacular but there was an interesting debate about how best to photograph it. This is one of the situations where the golden hour may not work as there is too much shadows in the canyon to allow the details in the rock. Instead it is best at mid morning when the light reaches every corner or else before sunrise at the very beginnings of dawn. We drove down the edge of the canyon checking out different perspectives and spotted a lone quiver tree quite close to the parking for the start of the hike. Immediately a plan was born for a night scape on the edge of the canyon. The stars promised to be at their most spectacular.

Fish River Canyon--4

We returned that evening to find the wind howling as we teetered around the edge of a precipice in the dark looking for the quiver tree. In daylight it was a landmark but at night became invisible, the wind roared carrying all the dust of the kalahari with it. We finally found it and , despite a sinking feeling that the cameras would have a hailstorm of sensor spots for the next 6 months ,we settled in for a few hours of fun in the dust and wind. The results were definitely encouraging and the night sky incredible.

Fish River Canyon-8176 - Version 2