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The Beast

The Beast is our 1997 much revamped Toyota Land Cruiser. A veteran of many adventures and the subject of a love/hate relationship (mostly love).

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  • How Not To Moments

    How to break your wheel studs again
    How not to plug a tyre
    A silly reason to have a flat tyre

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  • How Not to Moments

    The pros and cons of galvanising
    The pros and cons of modifying a bakkie into a twin cab and extending the bin
    The pros and cons of a photographic hatch
    Game reserve rules and a photographic hatch
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  • How Not To Moments

    Does weight hanging off the back of the vehicle matter ?
    Do you need 4 car batteries ?
    Do Jerry cans work ?
    Why were we hated by every other game viewing vehicle ?
    Does pressure testing fuel tanks guarantee a good build ?
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About Us

The Kelbe's

Christine and Dudley Kelbe are medical practitioners who have practised medicine for the last 30 years in Kwa Zulu Natal . We are retiring from the hectic pace of a busy medical practice to travel and document the world as we see it while our health ,energy and enthusiasm permits.

Meerkats Being Photgraphed

We have put together a safari vehicle called “The Beast”. A dinosaur of yonder times, a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser. It is built like a tank, heavy as sin and with many faults, but there are no electronics to leave us stranded and confused in the middle of nowhere and she has the ability to run on dirty diesel!

Our journey in photography started in underwater photography in 2006 and has moved on to include wildlife, travel and all genres of general photography with the help of many talented and inspirational friends and the local photographic community.

We celebrate diving the blue seas off the East Coast of South Africa capturing underwater photographs and video. We are lucky to live next to some of the best diving in the world. We also live in one of the best areas for wildlife in the world, Southern Africa.

We would like to welcome you to join us through our photography, in Africa and beyond, below and above the water, to experience an alternative form of retirement. We look forward to clear skies, open roads and the diversity of our magnificent planet.

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