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Diving Ponta Du Ouro
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Ponto da Ouro is only 30 minutes over the border but it is a world away from South Africa. The language, food and Rasta vibe ensure you feel the holiday mood.


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Next to Doodles is a slightly deeper reef called Blacks. A small reef of rocks and weed it quickly became one of my favorite sites with juvenile false stone fish, pipe fish and ghost pipe fish.


Stables is a dive where reef is conspicuously absent. It is a dive to the sand in the Loggerhead Valley which sits between the deep reef systems and shallow reef systems in Ponta Bay. It is at 32m and while it appears initially featureless the sea bottom is in fact alive with seapens, thick and thin, white and red and pink and purple, short and tall. In this forest there are a cornucopia of sea creatures, from tiny shrimps to octopus, eels, juvenile fish, sea horses and pipe fish.

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Of all the Ponta dive sites Pinnacles is essentially a big blue dive. The bottom is over 40 meters and most divers will dive here to hang in mid ocean and look for the sharks. There are always a group of resident Bull sharks and Silver tip, blackTip, spinner , Grey reef and Tigers sharks are often seen. Schooling Hammerheads may also put in an appearance as do Mantas and Eagle rays.


This on the deep reef ridge just south of Ponta Bay. It is easily recognised by the almost geometric placement of large square rocks. The outline looks like the hull of a shipwreck. The rocks are coated in black coral trees. Indeed it is one of the few places where black coral is found. The trees are yellow and white and many are huge, feathery and bushy.


In Ponta Bay the dive sites are rocky and sandy but with a plentitude of small critters. Doodles is a well known and well loved reef to all who have dived Ponta.. It is a long rocky reef surrounded by sand and home to Lion fish, Potato bass and rays, many eels and a particularly beautiful red Frog fish.

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We have put together a safari vehicle called “The Beast”. A dinosaur of yonder times, a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser. It is built like a tank, heavy as sin and with many faults, but there are no electronics to leave us stranded and confused in the middle of nowhere and she has the ability to run on dirty diesel!

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